Thursday April 24, 2014

Thursday April 24, 2014 @ 3:42 pm
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Two things:

1) The cycle is beginning May 1st. If you're a Monk/Dragoon or any other class and would like to be re-sorted at the beginning of Cycle 7, please fill out the restamping app and post it any time before the end of April -- it will go in the queue and be released this coming Monday April 28th (or immediately upon submission, if submitted between Monday and Wednesday). You can also email your application to a mod ( if you would like it to be voted on without being attached to your name.

Depending on if we have enough votes for a fair stamping, they'll either be stamped next Friday (May 2) or the following Friday (May 9). (If you have suggestions on a better beginning-of-cycle schedule, let me know... A bunch of activities will be posted on May 1st and some of them last a short time, so it would be good to get members stamped before those activities close.)

2) I made new stamps! Like [personal profile] sleipnir did earlier, I'm taking requests to build up a bigger set of Final Fantasy Land stamps. If you want another character/game/image featured on these stamps, just let me know here. Note: the requested character must unambiguously belong to your sorted class (or subclass of your sorted class -- see here).

Stamps so far )


This is the sub-community of [community profile] finalfantasyland where you can fill out an application and be stamped with one of four classes from the Final Fantasy series. From there, you'll be able to join the corresponding team and compete with your teammates in a competition to get the most points in a game.