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Everyone welcome to the newest members since the move to DW! It's great to see some new faces right from the start~

Black Mage:
[personal profile] marukyu_tofu

[personal profile] cru

[personal profile] crissaegrim

[personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler

Black Mages: 170 points
[personal profile] chacusha 40 points
[personal profile] chaos_cat 30 points
[personal profile] glacialphoenix 100 points

Dragoons: 100 points
[personal profile] regann 30 points
[personal profile] sleipnir 70 points

Monks: 30 points
[personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler 30 points

Soldiers: 130 points
Breyzy ([personal profile] breyzyyin) 70 points
[personal profile] ceiling_fan 40 points
[personal profile] crissaegrim 20 points

Thieves: 130 points
[personal profile] kuro_pantsu 40 points
[personal profile] sai_salamander 90 points

White Mages: 120 points
[personal profile] cherrykiss 10 points
[personal profile] seren_bach 40 points
Yin ([personal profile] breyzyyin) 70 points

(I apologize for how this is a day late. I took longer than usual as I had to rewrite all the codes with DW's script and urls)

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