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Restamp Application

Personality Questions:

1) Name (and elaborate on) three traits of yours that you consider both a strength AND a weakness.
- Bluntness. I tend to speak my mind, even at times when others won't say anything in front of an authority figure or such. On one hand, I've been called honest, on the other... well, being blunt in itself isn't considered a good thing

- Deviousness. I'm fairly good at thinking up other ideas and such, but I'm not really above being tricky and such in some cases, heh.

- Being analytical really helps figure things out or understand things, but I've had people call me cold if I react by trying to find a solution instead of being comforting or something first.

2) What kind of person do you have the most difficulty getting along with? Describe in detail and explain why. Someone really close-minded. For one, if they're really close-minded they're not going to seriously listen to me anyway, and will probably automatically hate me for close-minded reasons from the start.

3) Which FF world (if any) would you live in and why?
Hmm... I find Ivalice fascinating, but all the wars are kind of a turn-off. Still, the FFXII one in particular could be fun, as I like the environments and hunting monsters sounds like a more entertaining hobby than breeding chocobos or something. I guess FFIV wouldn't be too bad either, particularly since it doesn't get thrown into complete ruin or isn't overflowing with pollution like some others. I wouldn't like the monarchies, but at least their leaders are decent / not strict. Oh, and you can visit the moon instead of spending your free time dodging lightning 100 times or playing monkey matchmaker!

4) Describe and expand upon three things you absolutely need in order to be happy. They can be small things that you need everyday or future things you need to have eventually in order to feel fulfilled.
Um, oxygen, food, and water? I can't imagine being happy... or alive without those at least.

Hmm, maybe my laptop, something to strive for, and my cat er coffee respect? As I really spend way too much time on the internets, I get pretty out of it if I have nothing really to do / some goal I set for myself, and it's hard to really be happy if there's no encouragement or respect in an environment.

5) What are your three greatest fears?
- Failure. I really have shit for self-esteem, so it's difficult for me to properly confront things like failure, or anything related to it. (i.e. rejection, or even sometimes just getting a B, haha, if I put my best into something and still didn't archive what I wanted with it) While on one hand I love trying new things, sometimes I'll even avoid doing something if I'm too afraid of failing at it
- Myriapods. Srsly, the other day I saw one that looked similar to this in the building's stairwell and ever since then I've been glancing suspiciously at the walls there hoping there's not more... NOTHING SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAVE THAT MANY LEGS, JUST... why... ;; Idek why, but they just creep me out.
- Someone I care about dying? Cliche, I know, but I thought about it quite a bit and couldn't come up with anything else. I guess I'm kind of afraid of tornadoes, but then only at night.

6) Are there any traits you have that seem contradictory to each other (e.g. being both silly AND serious, or kind AND cold-hearted, or shy AND outgoing)?
A lot! I actually get called laid-back or calm a lot, but I can turn into an intense whirlwind of emotion if I'm passionate about something. I'm normally very rational, but I can be irrational about myself (due largely to, uh, see fear #1, I'm really not proud of this). I'm generally lazy, but also determined and it somehow managed to work out in the end... usually. I guess even the cold-and-kind one kind of applies too, though I always object to being called kind since I know how harsh I can be when I don't like someone, haha. I'm also quite cynical, but I wouldn't really be cynical if not for how I do have ideals. Just in general, I can come across as being indifferent towards things, but the things I do care about, I care about a lot.

7) Describe what would be an ideal day in the life for you.

Um, nah, actually I kind of feel really uncomfortable admitting what I want with this question? It's... perhaps surprisingly normal when it comes to my individual life (though I'd definitely change somethings about the world as a whole if I wanted it ideal lol), and let's leave it at that.

8) What Final Fantasy character do you think you would have the most difficulty getting along with and why? Probably Rinoa. I almost said Serah from the FFXIII trilogy, but factoring in Rinoa's background... I think I would have a much harder time dealing with her as I'd view her as a sheltered rich person who just wants to be involved in everything without knowing what she's doing or properly preparing first. Plus, have you seen the positions she puts that dog in on her arm?! I call animal abuse, and I really disapprove of that!

I also almost said ExDeath, as it's kind of hard to get along with someone who wants to send you to the void, but then... I like trees well enough, so I hope we're cool?

9) Say you and a friend are planning a trip/vacation! Where do you go and how do you go about preparing for it? In the real world? Italy! I want to taste a lot of real Italian food and see all the historic sites! As for preparing, I'd make a list of everything to visit and on which day, but I'd leave it open for change depending.

Optional Restamping Questions:
Any of these questions can be omitted, if you like.

10) Your current class: Black Mage

11) Why do you feel you were stamped incorrectly? I don't have a problem with it at all, I just decided to submit a restamping application for the sake of it + hey now there's more chance for earning voting points!

12) How much are you against or okay with the possibility of being stamped in the same class again, on a scale from 1-10 (1 = I would be completely fine with it; 10 = I would be very upset): 1, I'm completely okay with it

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