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Sorting 7.00

We resorted one member this week!

Black Mage:
[personal profile] chaos_cat

Some quick notes on sorting:

While being sorted, you're free to participate in all the open activities in [community profile] ultima_arena. You can just put your team as unsorted (although I guess for some activities like tag banners, it's hard to participate before knowing your team), and the mods will figure out where to send your points after you get sorted.

Also, from now on, the deadline for sorting will be Friday at 11:59P EDT (Saturday at 4:59 GMT). I might officially stamp people a little later than that, so if I haven't posted a sorting comment, you're free to sneak votes in until I do, but get them in by the end of Friday to guarantee your vote gets counted.

(Assuming people apply, that is. *sob!*)

Normally, I don't think we give points for sorting between-game, resorting apps, but oh well. Points! Points for everyone!

BLACK MAGE: 10 points
[personal profile] glacialphoenix: 10 points

WARRIOR: 10 points
[personal profile] breyzyyin (Breyzy): 10 points

WHITE MAGE: 10 points
[personal profile] breyzyyin (Yin): 10 points

[personal profile] chacusha
[personal profile] lightofeilia

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