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Restamping Application

While any regular applications will stay in the queue until the start of Round 3, if you feel like you were placed in the wrong team, you can now reapply and come out as a completely different job class! A few important notes on this:

- Put Restamping App in the title to distinguish it from the regular applications.

- The more detail, the better. The more you elaborate, the wider the view of your personality we get.

- Don't want people to vote based on your past actions here? You can submit your application anonymously to finalfantasylandmod@gmail.com and a mod will post it for you. No refunds if people still manage to deduce who you are, though.

- We're sadly lacking in the magic job-changing rocks from III and V, so any reapplications are permanent. I know I'm curious about which team would be the 2nd best for me, and that others have pondered the same, but if you like where you are and feel like it's the best fit for you? Best to limit those discussions to [livejournal.com profile] airship_lounge, your team comms, or the FFland Chat like they have been.

Restamping application:

Applications will be released every Sunday, and you have until September 21st to submit.