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The Basics:

Age: 18
Location: US
Occupation: N/A
How did you find out about this community? (Specify usernames if you remember them.) Zerrat

Personality Questions:

1) List and expand upon your three best traits / strengths. (These should be personality-related, not physical.)
1.I am slow to anger. It takes a magnificent amount of bullshit to make me angry
2.I have a great sense of humor makes me easy to get along with.
3.I listen more than i talk. If you need to vent i am the person who will listen and not judge you
2) List and expand upon your three worst traits / weaknesses.
1. I procrastinate i don't really think there is much to expand upon this.
2. I think too much and miss out on opportunities that might have been good for me.
3. I am stubborn and hard headed while sometimes it can be a good trait most of the time it isn't.
3) Rate yourself on the following traits by putting an 'X' in the box you think fits best. (E.g. if you are slightly more introverted than extroverted, put an 'X' in the second box.) Explain your choice as well.

Introverted [x ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Extroverted
Explain: I am shy, horribly so talking is chore in my opinion and i don't think people really listen to what you say so it's better to stay silent and listen, you learn more that way.

Cheerful [ ] [ ] [ ] [ x] [ ] Gloomy
Explain: I am pessimistic most of the time but i have been known to be cheerful in good company.

Reserved [ ] [x ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Impulsive
Explain: Sometimes ill do something impulsive but impulsiveness for me still has lots of thinking involved.
Energetic [ ] [ ] [ ] [x ] [ ] Calm
Explain: I can be energetic with close friends.

Logical/Thinking [ ] [x ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Emotional/Feeling
Explain: I would rather think something through than run headfirst into a situation i can't get myself out of.Emotions factor into everything you do though.
Grudge-holding [ ] [x ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Forgiving
Explain: I'll Forgive you but you better have a damn good reason for it.

4) Describe how you typically work in teams. Is it generally a good experience, or do you prefer working by yourself? Do you like to lead and make decisions or do you prefer to let others make decisions so that you can do the legwork? You may find it helpful to give an example of a team you worked on recently and how that went.
If someone wants to take the lead i won't fight over it i would rather do leg work. But i am not above leading it needs to be done so it will be.
5) Spider-Man Decision: If you had to choose between saving two dozen innocent children and saving your best friend/significant other/person closest to you, which would you pick and why?
Best friend/significant other/person closest to me, because I would do anything for the people I love even doom those who don't deserve it.
6) Your friend has had their feelings hurt and comes to you for consolation. What do you do? Let's say, two days later they come to you again still upset over the same issue. What would you do in that case? I would listen to them find out the problem what happened ask them if there was anything i could do and do that. If they returned and it was a person in the first instance i would find them and confront them. Find out their side and go from there.

7) What interests/hobbies do you have? How do you like to spend your free time?
Video games (kind of a given huh?), drawing, and reading.
8) Describe one to three careers you would find ideal, with a little explanation of why it appeals to you.
Game designer: i have always loved games why not get paid for making them.
Concept artist:Creating monsters is always fun.

FF Questions:

9) List one to three favorite Final Fantasy games and why you like them. Sequels/spin-offs/non-numbered/KH/Dissidia games are okay.
Final Fantasy XIII i truly don't understand why very few people like it. I love the characters, the environment's, the reactions, almost everything really, don't get me wrong there are problems(helloooo cheesy dialogue) but nothing is really perfect.
Final Fantasy VIII is also a favorite of mine because it was the first final fantasy i ever played. The characters interested me and the plot was cool to my young mind. I was hooked off the series from that first game. It is reminiscent of crack really, but better for you.

10) List one to three of your favorite Final Fantasy characters and why:
I have many favorite characters and different reasons for liking them so it was a bit hard to choose a few but here they are
Fang:She would do anything to save her family and she did. She saved the one place she had every reason to hate in order to save her new family. You can't get more selfless than that.(you can but it isn't the point) I also love her design.
Vincent:I like his design, how he interacts with Yuffie. His utter devotion to Lucrecia.
11) One to three characters you relate to (you may reuse answers from #8 if applicable) and why:
I don't think i really relate to any character but i suppose i am like, oh i don't know Fang utter devotion to family and all that i guess.
12) The FF game you liked playing least:
13) One to three FF characters you dislike and why:
Hojo, he has no morals no scruples and cares not for anything or anyone but his own ludicrous gain.
14) Favorite weapon in a Final Fantasy game (either the name if you liked the name, or a picture if you liked the look of it, or a description if it had awesome stats/abilities):
Oh it took a while but, bladed lance i love how it looks.
15) Your favorite Final Fantasy summon (e.g. Ifrit, Carbuncle, Bahamut, etc.):
Oh this was a hard one i've always loved the summons but i will have to say Ifrit when i first saw him in FFVIII i thought he was the most badass and awesome thing ever.
16) Your favorite spell/ability/technique that can be learned in a Final Fantasy game (e.g. Esuna, Steal, special finishes/overdrives such as Tifa's Final Heaven limit break, etc.):
Zantetsuken all incarnations.
17) A Final Fantasy mini-game/sidequest you invested entirely too much time into:
Chocobo racing i suppose *laughs* i didn't really spend much time on the mini games.
18) Your favorite Cid: Cid Highwind he has a good heart though crass and vulgar.

19) Optional: Up to one class you think does not fit you, with reasoning why.

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I was having a hard time between Dragoon, Soldier, Thief, and Monk at times in your application. I think I might be leaning slightly more towards Thief overall though (given their association with Ninja-type characters too). Many Thief characters are slow to anger (depends on the character though), often have pretty good senses of humor, and are actually rather good listeners (Zidane is an excellent example of this, as is Vaan in certain scenes of FFXII, and Rikku as well). They are also often categorized as being rather stubborn and determined too...which can often be either a good or bad thing depending on circumstances.

Thieves and Ninja characters often do impulsive things at times in the FF series, but they are also very capable of thinking things through and act quickly on their feet. They can also be very energetic, especially around people that they consider close friends (and other times can act surprisingly calm). "I would rather think something through than run headfirst into a situation i can't get myself out of.Emotions factor into everything you do though." reminds me a lot of Thief characters such as Zidane and even Edge in a way from how his personality is in FFIV: The After Years. While many Thief and some Ninja characters can be rather forgiving within reason, there has to be a GOOD explanation as to why a person acted the way they did before they will forgive them.

Thief and Ninja characters are not opposed to leadership roles if it is necessary for them to take one, but they often also have a preference for doing leg-work instead if given the choice and someone else was up to the leadership task in their stead. They are often also showcased in the FF series as being EXTREMELY loyal to those they care for, so I could easily see many Thief and Ninja characters perhaps relating to your answer on the Spider-man scenario question too. And I could picture quite a few Thief/Ninja characters reacting similarly to how you said you would when trying to comfort an upset friend as well. It was pretty close between Thief/Ninja, Monk, Dragoon, and Soldier at times for me (especially Dragoon and Soldier in one section in particular!)...but I think having some of the Ninja characters associated with the Thief job class for the purposes of this comm had me leaning more towards that job class overall for you. :D

I loved reading your FF answers, by the way! Yay for FFXIII, FFVIII, Fang, and Vincent love! ♥

sai_salamander: (da2 - varric)

[personal profile] sai_salamander 2011-11-21 11:27 am (UTC)(link)
I think I agree with Yin on this one: Thief. Definitely on the Ninja side of the Thief umbrella (I don't know why I persist in using this umbrella metaphor! SOMEONE STOP ME!!) with the thinkiness. But your spiderman decision definitely speaks Thief to me, and your give-or-take with the leadership option.

I always think of Thieves as being super slow to get angry, too (probably my own bias towards myself there) - it takes a lot to get us pissed off!

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At first I kind of thought Soldier (thanks to the gloominess, being reserved, logical and holding grudges, not to mention taking leadership if you had to reminding me of characters like Squall and Cloud) but I'm gonna have to agree with the others and say Thief.

Thieves can be logical too (the more coolheaded ones, and you did mention that you were slow to anger) and often have a great sense of humour if you look at characters like Zidane, Yuffie and Rikku. The spiderman option definitely helped to tip the scale as well.


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Based on your humor, your spiderman decision, your traits, I'm probably going to go with Thief as well. I think, though, what really did it for me, was how you said you'd help your friends through their problems. The confrontation rang Thief for me.

Also, yay~! Another FFXIII fan~ :D


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I definitely see you fitting for some of the more extreme character examples for Soldier (Cloud, Squall, Lightning) and Dragoon (Kain) since they lean more towards the gloomy and reserved side of the spectrum, but I don't necessarily feel like OVERALL those classes are the best fit for you given all of the characters that do make up them (which pains me to admit since the Soldier class kind of needs new members, lolz O_O;). I do really like the Thief vote for you, especially considering the Ninja characters that fall under it. While not super known for being gloomy or reserved, many of the Thieves/Ninja characters have moments of showcasing those traits: Zidane has an EXTREME moment of gloominess; Vaan, Locke, and even Yuffie (concerning her thoughts on Wutai during the original FFVII) actually have tendencies to lean more towards the reserved side when it comes to their personal feelings...and then there are characters like Shadow and the Eblan Four who aren't necessarily gloomy, but are more introverted and reserved overall.

I actually think your trait about being slow to show anger is more of a Thief trait than either a Soldier or Dragoon one, as most of them tend to be slow to anger (again, Zidane being a very good example of this). Many of the Thief characters in FF have really good senses of humor (Paul, Edge, Yuffie, Rikku, Zidane, Vaan, Locke), and most of them are willing to listen to others without judging them (Zidane, Rikku, Vaan, and Locke). Some can be procrastinators (Yuffie and FFIV!Edge), and some can think too much on possibilities (Rikku). And all of them are pretty much stubborn and determined, which in the games can be a good *or* a bad thing depending on what was going on (Edge, Yuffie, Zidane, and Vaan being the best examples of this). The Thief/Ninja characters can be a mix of calm/energetic depending on the circumstances or who they are with, and while quick-thinking and impulsive...tend to prefer having plans before rushing into things (Thieves like Zidane and the Ninja characters tend to be pretty adaptable). Many of the Thieves will try to think things through with logic, but in the end tend to rely a lot on their own emotions.

When you mentioned I'll Forgive you but you better have a damn good reason for it for the grudge-holding/forgiving question, I instantly thought of Thief characters like Edge, Zidane, and Vaan as that pretty much sums up their thoughts on forgiveness during certain points in their respective games. I definitely think the combination of your answers to the team and Spider-man decision questions fit more for the Thief class than they do for the Soldier or Dragoon ones, and your consoling a friend answer fits too. ♥

~Yay for a fellow FFXIII and Fang fan! XD And...Vincent is awesome too, lolz. :)

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I agree with Z that you fit the "Ninja side of the Thief umbrella" xD I did see strong Soldier and Dragoon traits but your spiderman and team work answers are quite Thief-like, imo. No Soldier (or especially Dragoon) I know would directly confront a problem head on so that's what pretty much swayed me over to Thief.

no surprise here I'm loving all the Dragoon love in your ff answers xD

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I'm getting a combined vibe of dragoon, monk and black mage. The black mage went out of the window quite quickly, even though I can't really explain why. Your stability is something that I'd expect from monk and dragoon, while your elusiveness kind of works with both too. You have strong morals, which also work with both of the classes.

I think that monks tend to be more in your face about things, which you are not so much. So I'm going for Dragoon

(Why I no getting same vibes as others)
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Neutral Mod

[personal profile] chacusha 2011-11-23 08:35 am (UTC)(link)
Hm... I guess I'm in the minority but I saw a Black Mage.

I don't know, I guess Black Mages can have an explosive temper but some of them are kind of mild-mannered or stoic (Lulu and Terra for example), and I also see Black Mages as being people who will quietly listen and not judge?

Your dichotomies fit a Black Mage/Dragoon pretty well, but I there was a lot of focus on thinking first that made me think Black Mage, and being able to forgive if a good reason is provided makes me think of a logical Black Mage type too. Your indifference toward the leadership position and choosing the person closest to you might be a Black Mage thing too, as is your information-gathering type answer to question 6. I can see the Thief too, but Black Mage is what stood out to me most.

[identity profile] 2011-11-23 05:59 pm (UTC)(link)
I can see where the Dragoon and Black mage votes are coming from, and I was also tempted to say monk at fist, but I really have to agree with the Thief votes in the end. Many thief characters are quite stubborn and have sense of humour, are slow to anger and can be good leader if necessary but can also follow. The overall tone of your application and the fact that you would save the ones you love (" I would do anything for the people I love even doom those who don't deserve it. " ) are Thief-like.

Image (

[identity profile] 2011-11-24 03:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I am going to go out on a lonely limb and agree with [ profile] rayiroth in that you remind me very much of a Dragoon. Why, you ask? I must have a reason? I can't just say - oh. Well then! The reason, I think, was clear in the very first response and every single response after that. Your sentences are short, sparse, and to the point. There's very little leeway, and there is absolutely none because above all else, you are certain of every answer before you give it. Your admiration of Fang also coloured my opinion. She is quite an incredibly driven character, isn't she?

I'm glad to see another FFXIII fan on the comm! ♥

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[personal profile] glacialphoenix 2011-11-25 01:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I see the Ninja side of Thief, but I'm going to third the Dragoon vote because... argh. This is difficult. It's mostly a vibe I'm getting from you, I admit, in the way you write... I think it's also the way you seem to handle most situations, like your teamwork answer: "it needs to be done, so it will be." I've always pictured that as something a dragoon would say, somehow.

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[personal profile] regann 2011-11-26 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
I really saw a soldier in your answers! Especially like a Squall style, especially in your personality and leadership answers. I think I'm in the minority? XD

(I am Dragoon class with no tag banner atm!)
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While this vote doesn't help by this point, I saw a Soldier as well. They listen more often than they talk - usually - but they can also have great senses of humor, something not as common to the other shy-esque introverted classes. (I.e. Cloud is shy in some of the games he appears in, but you also have Soldiers like Luneth who display more humor... and Cloud himself had a type of humor in the original game) Your mentality on leading also fits them perfectly.


Stamped: Thief!

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Congrats, you've been stamped as a Thief!


Alternative Stamps (

Your team community is [ profile] gil_stealers, and you'll receive invites to all the main communities, your team community, and your alliance team's community ([ profile] heavenly_lances) from one of the head mods shortly. Hope you enjoy it here!
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I'm filling in for our normal invite mod; I'm so sorry about how long it's taken to get your invites sent out! I have now sent you invites to the following communities:

[ profile] gil_stealers -- Thief home base
[ profile] heavenly_lances -- home base for your allies, the Dragoons
[ profile] airship_lounge -- social/general discussion community
[ profile] ultima_arena -- contest & challenge community
[ profile] moogle_workshop -- fanwork-sharing community
[ profile] ff_minigames -- random games & activities community

You can check your invites here. There are activities currently up already at [ profile] ultima_arena and [ profile] ff_minigames that you can participate in -- check them out here and here. Feel free to introduce yourself to your teammates at [ profile] gil_stealers and update your info over at our member directory. Have fun! :)