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Sorry, I missed out something and is terribly technologically inept, so this is the edited version.

The Basics:

Name: Sarah jane Hua
Age: 24
Occupation: Student/Trainee Lawyer
How did you find out about this community? (Specify usernames if you remember them.)

sunflower_mynah sent me! =)

Personality Questions:

1) List and expand upon your three best traits / strengths. (These should be personality-related, not physical.)

1. objective - I know what I want and I will strive for it. Also, I am able to generate or appreciate arguments for both sides and take an objective stance.

2. efficient - I usually able to locate the fastest and most convenient route and take it.

3. adaptive - I am able to adapt myself to meet the needs of the situation and other people.

2) List and expand upon your three worst traits / weaknesses.

1. Lazy - sometimes I find it hard to pick myself up to carry out my commitments

2. nonchalant - I can get unmotivated, particularly when it is what I perceive as unimportant.

3. stubborn - I can stick to my guns, even though I know they are on a sinking ship.

3) Rate yourself on the following traits by putting an 'X' in the box you think fits best.
(E.g. if you are slightly more introverted than extroverted, put an 'X' in the second box.) Explain your choice as well.

Introverted [ ] [ ] [ ] [X ] [ ] Extroverted
Explain: I am always happy to meet new people.

Cheerful [ ] [X ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Gloomy
Explain: I cannot remember the last time I cried.

Reserved [ ] [ ] [X ] [ ] [ ] Impulsive
Explain: It depends largely on the situation. When it comes to matters which I feel strongly about, my actions can become quite impulsive.

Energetic [ ] [X ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Calm
Explain: I have chocolate everyday. Like a box.

Logical/Thinking [ ] [X ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Emotional/Feeling
Explain: Unfortunately, I completed law school. I deal with divorce matters in my line of work. These remove emotion from you.

Grudge-holding [ ] [ ] [ X] [ ] [ ] Forgiving
Explain: Again, it depends on the situation. Heavens help the person who steals MY chocolate but peace be on earth to those who take my flowers.

4) Describe how you typically work in teams. Is it generally a good experience, or do you prefer working by yourself? Do you like to lead and make decisions or do you prefer to let others make decisions so that you can do the legwork? You may find it helpful to give an example of a team you worked on recently and how that went.

I enjoy working in teams because the task is usually broken down into chewable parts but I absolutely abhor free-riders. They will not be forgiven.

5) Spider-Man Decision: If you had to choose between saving two dozen innocent children and saving your best friend/significant other/person closest to you, which would you pick and why?


In all honesty, my answer is: no choice in the matter because I would be heading a team of super heros or at least convince Tony Stark that saving children or someone is better than the next tequila. Philanthropy, you know. That is of course if time permits. Seriously though, if that green goblin is make me pick, I would pick my significant other. Because I know myself to be a selfish brat. Me above others. Sorry.

6) Your friend has had their feelings hurt and comes to you for consolation. What do you do? Let's say, two days later they come to you again still upset over the same issue. What would you do in that case?

Pat on the back, lend my shoulder, get boxes of chocolate and maybe some alcohol, plan some crazy voodoo and then set my friend on his or her feet. 2 days later? A nice lecture on the importance of "moving on", then research on options. If it is my best friend, a punch to the

7) What interests/hobbies do you have? How do you like to spend your free time?

Reading I spend my free time reading mostly.

8) Describe one to three careers you would find ideal, with a little explanation of why it appeals to you.

er...I kind of already have a career. The most appealing factor is simply the money. Shallow, no?

FF Questions:

9) List one to three favorite Final Fantasy games and why you like them. Sequels/spin-offs/non-numbered/KH/Dissidia games are okay.

1. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Why? It has ZACK. Besides, it has a good pace.

2. Final Fantasy XIII. Why? It has a pretty kick ass female lead who has a modern woman feel about her. Besides, Odin is pretty cool.

10) List one to three of your favorite Final Fantasy characters and why:

Zack! He is awesome. In the true sense of the word.

11) One to three characters you relate to (you may reuse answers from #8 if applicable) and why:

Lightning I can relate to her attempts at concealing her true self and her motivation pursuing power.

12) The FF game you liked playing least: Final Fantasy X

13) One to three FF characters you dislike and why:

I don't really have any it is just that Tidus annoys me. He does. not. do. anything. Ok, he does not do anything useful.

14) Favorite weapon in a Final Fantasy game (either the name if you liked the name, or a picture if you liked the look of it, or a description if it had awesome stats/abilities):

Kain's spears. I can't remember the names.

15) Your favorite Final Fantasy summon (e.g. Ifrit, Carbuncle, Bahamut, etc.): Bahamut

16) Your favorite spell/ability/technique that can be learned in a Final Fantasy game (e.g. Esuna, Steal, special finishes/overdrives such as Tifa's Final Heaven limit break, etc.):

hmmmmmmmmmm. I don't have any actually....they are all useful and important in their own way and I like them all just as much.

17) A Final Fantasy mini-game/sidequest you invested entirely too much time into:

er...I tend to lose track of time the moment I hit the "start" button on the main screen. Sorry.

18) Your favorite Cid: as seen in FF VII. Cid Highwind.

19) Optional: Up to one class you think does not fit you, with reasoning why.

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Hey broski, your HTML is boinked.

Anyhow. I see a mixture of soldier, monk and thief. The thief element is strong, because you come across as really energetic, fun and spontaneous, but at the same time you value stability (which is really what Yuffie and Rikku is all about), and you do enjoy team work which could also correlate to thieves like Zidane and Vaan. You are social, and you have a particular lateral way of thinking about things. I see you as someone who can take a Swiss Army knife and solve all your personal problems.

You do also have this prowess too, which is more soldier and monk traits. Guess just not enough to waver the thief!

(I'm a soldier, mods)

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This was tough because I sort of think both Thief and Soldier would be good fits for you (with some Monk too!)! O_O; I think I'm leaning slightly more towards the Soldier side of the spectrum though, especially taking into account the more cheerful ones such as Luneth, Zack, Laguna, Tidus, and Noel (who sort of fits for Soldier-who-is-also-a-Beast-Tamer, lolz) . I think your three best traits/strengths fit the Soldier class really well overall as pretty much *all* of the characters that fall into that class are described as objective, efficient, and adaptive. They're also known as being pretty stubborn characters too...and the more cheerful Soldiers can fall into sometimes being lazy and nonchalant. Soldiers like Luneth and Zack are extroverted/excited to meet new people, cheerful, impulsive when they feel strongly about something, energetic, and are either grudge-holding *or* forgiving depending on the situation. Quite a few of the Soldiers in general (such as Ramza from FF Tactics or Squall from FFVIII) can be more on the logical/thinking side of the spectrum than the emotional/feeling one when it comes to their actions...and they can generally work in teams so long as everyone does their fair share. :)

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Haha, this app made me laugh. :) But yes, I think you're a total Soldier. Your positive and negative traits fit the "Soldier" type pretty well (objective, efficient, adaptive, nonchalant) as do your dichotomies (they lean a bit upbeat, but still seem pretty moderate and what you said about removed emotion makes me think of a Soldier too). Your answers to 4, 5, & 6 also seemed pretty compatible with the Soldier image, and your answer to 8 seems like it could translate well to the mercenary personalities of various FF Soldiers. And then I see Soldiers all over the place in your FF answers, so yep, gonna go with that.

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This was kind of difficult because I was going between Thief and Soldier for you, but I think after reading this again I'm going to go with Soldier. Being stubborn, goal orientated (efficient but not feeling motivated when there is no purpose that interests you) and the skill to adapt to different situations all cemented my decision to put you in with the Soldiers. Your FF answers helped a lot with that too, like how you relate to Lightning.


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My dear, how are you not a Soldier?

Here's how I break it down: Stubborn. 'Emotionally removed'. An affinity to Lightning, a strong female lead while you yourself describe yourself as a career woman who knows about herself, and how she approaches things. This truly makes me think of a Soldier. Soldiers are usually strong, distant characters with clear-set goals and an unchangeable focus - only great happenings can change them from their course. Also, you used the word "abhor", which I feel is a very Soldiery word. ♥ Your abhorrence of Tidus' uselessness as anything more than driving the plot while all the stronger characters do all the work strikes me as funny, as well. I thought I would just put that in there.


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Haha wow, this vote is gonna seem kinda out there, but I think you're a Monk. Stubbornness, cheerfulness, efficiency, energeticness, some tendencies towards extraversion... and your punch to the face solution (plus points for efficiency there!) kinda go well with Monk traits, I think. Impulsiveness is one of the Monk traits that seem to score highly in ff_land, and your reponse ("When it comes to matters which I feel strongly about, my actions can become quite impulsive") seems to fit in with this. XD I can definitely see Snow and Sabin in your responses, and I perceive capslock as well, lol.

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Sarah! ♥

My vote for you is Monk, although I can see where the Soldier comes from. You're always more energetic and the way you phrase things like your response to the Spider-man question just strikes me as a very... monkly reaction. Especially the punch to the face and the impulsiveness, which tend to strike me as being very monk-like.


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I can see Monk, Thief and soldier in your application but I think I am leaning a bit more towards a Monk vote. You describe toyrself and adaptive, stubborn, lazy, happy to meet new people and extroverted, traits I usually associate with monk characters. I also think many monk characters are pretty cheerful, not as impulsive and thieves but can act on impulse sometimes but can also be more cautious when it comes to more serious matters and like to work with others most of the time.

Image (

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My first impression was Solider for you, but I can definitely see a lot of Thief and Monk as well in your answers. Your positive traits kind of remind me of characters like Lightning, Squall and even Cloud at times since I think that they can be described as objective, efficient and adaptive while you negative traits remind me a lot of Zack or even Ashe (lazy, nonchalant, stubborn). You mentioned you're extroverted and you're always happy to meet new people, and you're cheerful, energetic, but you don't seem as hype as many of the thieves are so I guess I'm leaning a bit more towards Soldier for you.

Image (

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I could see either Monk OR Soldier as being really good fits for you, though overall I believe I might be leaning slightly more towards a Soldier vote. Objective, efficient, adaptive, nonchalant in what you feel isn't super-important, and stubborn are all traits that many of the Soldier characters in the FF series tend to have. Soldiers such as Luneth, Zack, Luso, and Cecil usually enjoy meeting new people...and while the Soldier class tends to be sometimes stereotyped as being very "gloomy" or "stoic," there are quite a few more cheerful-minded Soldier characters too: Zack, Cecil, Luneth, Yuri, and Luso being prime examples of that. Soldiers tend to be somewhere in a middle ground between reserved and impulsive at times too, and can be more impulsive when something they feel strongly for is on the line (Lightning's desire to protect Serah showcases this pretty well). There are quite a few energetic Soldier characters too: Luneth, Zack, Luso, and Tidus being the most prominent examples of this. Soldiers can be rather logical in their mindset as well (Cecil, Warrior of Light, Squall, Cloud, Lightning, Paine, Ramza, etc.). In terms of group work, there are quite a few Soldier characters who don't mind and sometimes even enjoy team dynamics so long as everyone does their share. I could see a few Soldier characters perhaps responding in a similar way to how you did with the comforting a friend scenario too. :)

er...I tend to lose track of time the moment I hit the "start" button on the main screen. Sorry.
~I do this too! Haha, even if I tell myself "I'm only going to play for a hour or something and stop for the night"...I'm always surprised when I look and realize I've been playing twice as long as I'd originally intended without realizing it! XD ♥


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Congrats, you've been sorted as a Soldier!


Alternative Stamps (

Your team community is [ profile] mythril_swords, and you'll receive invites to all the main communities, your team community, and your alliance team's community ([ profile] curaga_casters) from one of the head mods shortly. Hope you have fun and enjoy it here!
chacusha: (ff - lightning)


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I have now sent you invites to the following communities:

[ profile] ff_land -- main comm for news, rules, and updates
[ profile] mythril_swords -- Soldier home base
[ profile] curaga_casters -- home base for your allies, the White Mages
[ profile] airship_lounge -- social/general discussion community
[ profile] ultima_arena -- contest & challenge community
[ profile] moogle_workshop -- fanwork-sharing community
[ profile] ff_minigames -- random games & activities community

You can check your invites here. There are activities currently up already at [ profile] ultima_arena that you can participate in -- check them out here (normally there are activities in [ profile] ff_minigames, but it's on a break right now due to the events in [ profile] ff_eventsquare). Feel free to introduce yourself to your teammates at [ profile] mythril_swords and update your info over at our member directory. Have fun! :)