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The Basics:
Name: I usually go by Cruci (now shortened to Cru), though my IRL name is Sara.
Age: 23
Location: Currently residing in the UK.
Occupation: Freelance digital artist, mostly.
How did you find out about this community? (Specify usernames if you remember them.) My girlfriend, who goes by the name of Sai_Salamander here on Dreamwidth pimped this comm out to me.

Personality Questions:
1) List and expand upon your three best traits / strengths. (These should be personality-related, not physical.)

Empathetic: I tend to be able to understand others problems and support them, even if I haven't gone through exactly the same thing. Furthermore, I often feel compelled to try and make people happy, regardless of whether or not they've requested my support. On the other hand, I tend to dislike sympathy quite a bit and don't usually use it.

Generous: Even if it means putting others and others needs before myself. I'm pretty good with giving away things (both objective and regarding emotions) so as to help my friends and people I care about, in general. Sometimes that does mean I give things I can't afford to, but that doesn't really bother me most of the time. Because if someone I like is happy, that makes me pretty damn content as well.

Creative: Not only as an artist, I'm pretty good at deviating from a general path and seeking my own way of doing things, even if it's seems counter intuitive or just plain strange. This does mean that sometimes I do things that end up having disastrous results, still that's always a possibility and regardless of the fact experimentation is the only way I can see myself advancing with things in general.

2) List and expand upon your three worst traits / weaknesses.

Paranoid: Whether or not it is justified, when something (at all, even, say, when the most harmless of comments is directed at me) my mind tends to jump straight out to the worst conclusion possible and come up with a way of twisting things to a point that my thoughts are barely recognizable as the truth any more. But I still end up obsessing over them, though.

Indecisive: If I had to rank these, this would come up first. It's possibly one of my worst traits and one which I have a great deal of trouble with. It goes in hand with being empathetic, which tends to cloud my judgement for decisions. To be quite honest, I can't seem to decide on anything. Whether tiny meaningless things or big life-changing events. Deciding is definitely not for me and even with outside support I'm still downright terrible at it. Even something simple as writing this application and trying to figure out which traits I posses is starting to make me unhappy because... nngh, deciding.

Controlled: A great part of being me means keeping nearly all of my thoughts and feelings under tight wraps. It's definitely conscious although not something I want to do. For me, it's extremely difficult to tell others about myself and I don't even know why. Even simple, meaningless thoughts as my opinion on a show/game/whatever. Unless I am extremely comfortable with someone I'd say that it's unlikely they'll know me at all, because of just how stupidly self-contained and controlled I tend to be.

3) Rate yourself on the following traits by putting an 'X' in the box you think fits best. (E.g. if you are slightly more introverted than extroverted, put an 'X' in the second box.) Explain your choice as well.

Introverted [ ] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] Extroverted
Explain: Considering the last couple years and how I've been nothing short of an hermit, I'd say that I'm definitely on the introverted side, albeit not so much that I don't enjoy human interaction every now and then. Going out/interacting with large groups tires me out and I'm more likely to be the one sulking in the corner rather than someone actively engaging in conversation.

Cheerful [ ] [ ] [X] [] [ ] Gloomy
Explain: I am somewhere in between, I'd guess. There are times when I'm more cheerful (especially when I'm relaxed and doing something I enjoy in the company of someone I enjoy) and times when the opposite is equally true. In general I do tend to sway onto the negative side, but only ever so slightly (when I'm on a normal frame of mind, that is).

Reserved [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Impulsive
Explain: As I've mentioned before, I tend to keep mostly to myself. This is true at nearly all times except when it comes to the rare occasion when I have spare cash, which does sometimes end with some not so rational buying of nice things I want.

Energetic [ ] [ ] [ ] [X] [ ] Calm
Explain: I'm mostly calm even through difficult situations, and tend to prefer a peaceful setting. On the other hand, I do tend to get excited about music and games (especially) every once in a while.

Logical/Thinking [ ] [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] Emotional/Feeling
Explain: See, this is complicated. Despite being highly emotional, being unable of actually letting my feelings out means that I rationalize a lot. I tend to over-think things to the point of absurdity and may still be thinking about a minor incident days after it's happened.

Grudge-holding [ ] [ ] [ ] [X] [ ] Forgiving
Explain: Though I can hold a relatively short term grudge to people who've done me (very) wrong, it does tend to fade away with time. An recent (ex) friend of mine did something that I consider pretty abominable, but even now, a few months later, I'd have to admit that I don't hold a grudge against her and find myself concerned for her well being, though we haven't spoken ever since.

4) Describe how you typically work in teams. Is it generally a good experience, or do you prefer working by yourself? Do you like to lead and make decisions or do you prefer to let others make decisions so that you can do the legwork? You may find it helpful to give an example of a team you worked on recently and how that went. To start with, I don't typically work in teams. Since I'm pretty unwilling to to do, to start with, people do tend not to want any team-work from me either. It works well. Teams, especially of the larger kind, tend to be messy; despite not being a particularly organized person myself, I'd still rather be able to work at my own pace, and find my own solutions for problems, rather than having go through everyone else and figure out a way of pleasing them all. Now, the part about making others in the team happy is not a problem as much as it is a completely unnecessary hassle, and one which I'd rather not go through more often than absolutely necessary (that is, when I'm somehow forced to work in a team).

5) Spider-Man Decision: If you had to choose between saving two dozen innocent children and saving your best friend/significant other/person closest to you, which would you pick and why? This is an extremely difficult question and one I just can not reply to. Any conclusions I might come to now would probably fly out of the window if this were actually happening in real life. As it stands I'll say that I'd need to be there to actually decide. Basically: I have no idea. Though I suspect I would go with saving the children, my selfish side might arise in the situation, I have no idea. None whatsoever.

6) Your friend has had their feelings hurt and comes to you for consolation. What do you do? Let's say, two days later they come to you again still upset over the same issue. What would you do in that case? Well, if that happened then I'd do my best to comfort them and offer them appropriate advice. Nice, fun activities might be involved if they were in the mood for it. Having hurt feelings is never fun and I care for my friends a whole lot, in general. In the case that they were still unhappy after a couple days and came back to me, I would do exactly the same thing as the first time. Truth be told I don't really understand why there'd be a different. Feelings don't tend to magically vanish or heal within days, at least so is my personal experience.

7) What interests/hobbies do you have? How do you like to spend your free time? Honestly, I thoroughly enjoy being insanely lazy. That is, waking up late, snoozing until I feel like my head will start aching if I lay down for another second. And then? Spending the whole day on the internet or playing video games is definitely the way to go. As far as interests go, I'm pretty into herpetology/reptiles and absolutely adore drawing/painting/art in general, though I'm not sure if that counts as an hobbie since I'm more of an (unemployed) professional. More vaguely, I also enjoy card games, such as magic, reading, music, and whatnot.

8) Describe one to three careers you would find ideal, with a little explanation of why it appeals to you. If I knew the answer to this question I'd probably have worked harder towards it. Art in general is something that has appealed to me for a very long time, illustration, specifically has been an area of it I've pretty much always been into. However, to say my dream career would be that of an illustration is probably a lie as I'd rather draw and paint at my own leisure rather than be constrained by deadlines and client's whims. It's still something I'm highly interested in, though. As such I'll have to say that my one ideal career would be that of a veterinary (or maybe just someone who works with animals in a daily base, but if I get to help them? Even better). I adore animals and they are the one thing that I just can't do without in my life.

FF Questions:

9) List one to three favorite Final Fantasy games and why you like them. Sequels/spin-offs/non-numbered/KH/Dissidia games are okay.

Final Fantasy VIII: It was the first game of the series I ever came in contact with, originally owned by my uncle who played the heck out of it before lending me the disks. Unfortunately, the third CD was badly scratched and up to this date I have never got to finish the game. Still, the memories of facing those extremely high levelled t-rexes at one of the early areas is still burned in my mind.

Final Fantasy IX: Again, the first time I came in contact with this game was when I visited my sister's godparents. Since I didn't own a Psone back then, I used to go straight to play IX every time I was at their place. Though (again) I never got to finish the game, I have very fond memories of playing it, even though the final area kicked my younger-self's ass repetitively.

Final Fantasy XII: If this list was ranked, then this game would feature first. Why? Because it's my ultimate favourite Final Fantasy. Not only the intricate plot, which has more to do with politics than romance (something I really appreciate, despite my love of all things fluff) but the gameplay itself sold me to it the very first time I played. I just loved being able to explore the world and especially all the end-game content that is available.

10) List one to three of your favorite Final Fantasy characters and why:

Noah fon Rosenburg (aka Judge Magister Gabranth): At the risk of sounding like I'm woobifying him, I do feel like he got the brunt/worst of an already terrible situation and well, I don't think any of what he was to do throughout the game is easy for him, but he still goes through it. Brainwashed (and/or played) to a certain degree, that's probably the reason for his heel face turn at the end of the game's story. I'd say that he's misunderstood, but I don't really feel like that's the reason I like him. No. I like him because he is flawed and is implied to go through a lot of crap because of his loyalty to a twisted, broken system.

Basch fon Rosenburg: On the flip-side, Basch also goes through a lot of crap for doing what he thinks he's right. He's an unsurprisingly strong and steady character who (probably, can't assume what I don't know, but this is at least my headcanon) suffers from a lot of inner turmoil because of what has happened to it. EVEN THEN, he still manages to forgive and honour Noah's memory after his death? After everything he's gone through, all the betrayal and hurt, that has to mean something. And it really does.

Another, albeit shallow reason I love them both is because they are incredibly hot.

11) One to three characters you relate to (you may reuse answers from #8 if applicable) and why: You mean reuse the answers from #10, right? #8 doesn't seem to have much to do with this subject. At any rate I'd say I relate a lot to Noah/Gabranth. Not the whole betraying my own twin sibling (which I don't have) but being so loyal to someone/something that I don't see I'm being manipulated. It's not exactly a good way of relating to a character, but I'm hoping it'll still apply.

12) The FF game you liked playing least: Dirge of Cerberus. Not only was it especially confusing for me as someone who's never played FFVII (it's fairly hyped and truth be told, I've never really wanted to try it) but the controls were incredibly difficult to master and the whole game just felt... unpolished and not something I enjoyed overall.

13) One to three FF characters you dislike and why:

Hope (FFXIII): Though it's much worse roughly during the first half of the game, I found Hope's character nearly unbearably whiny, especially for the situation the whole party is in. Now, I do like his character design in general, but every time he opened his mouth made me want to skip a cut-scene.

Wakka (FFX): He's too obnoxious and loud and brash for my liking; though useful for some of the underwater battles (namely in the monster arena), he's still a character I found myself never using because ugh.

14) Favorite weapon in a Final Fantasy game (either the name if you liked the name, or a picture if you liked the look of it, or a description if it had awesome stats/abilities):
The Tournesol in XII, mostly because I've spent a good amount of time gathering things to get it I'm not a completionist and don't tend to go for the strongest equipment, either. So it was a novelty for me, and something I remember doing even now, years later.

15) Your favorite Final Fantasy summon (e.g. Ifrit, Carbuncle, Bahamut, etc.): Alexander from FFIX. Why? Because he's a freaking enormously gigantic castle that moves and holy shit, that is just too awesome to ever not feature right atop my favourite list.

16) Your favorite spell/ability/technique that can be learned in a Final Fantasy game (e.g. Esuna, Steal, special finishes/overdrives such as Tifa's Final Heaven limit break, etc.): Zamnato. Because it's a game breaker and can cut bosses aside in one hit. There's nothing else as strong or unbalanced in the games (at least to my knowledge).

17) A Final Fantasy mini-game/sidequest you invested entirely too much time into:Avoiding those freaking 400 lightning bolts in the thunder planes in FFX. Let's just say it took a very long time and even now, I'm not sure the result was worth it. It was even more frustrating than try and achieve a 0:00:00 score in Tidu's chocobo racing, for sure. Maybe collecting the celestial weapons in general should feature here, because in general it was a difficult, annoying task that didn't really seem to pay off in the end, at least not when it came to facing the dark aeons/penance.

18) Your favorite Cid: Truth be told? None. Though I find Cid a very useful airship pilot, I've never really been into the character, or at least, not enough to pick a favourite.

19) Optional: Up to one class you think does not fit you, with reasoning why. I really don't know, though after very briefly glancing over the types, I'd say bard doesn't seem like it fits me. But who knows? I'm not very good at evaluating myself, truth be told!
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Well this is pretty complex and there are several roles that sort of fit you. I mean I think of White Mage first and foremost considering that White Mage are supposed to be very empathetic however when you say that you don't work in team, I think of Black Mage or Dragoon.

But reading through, I am going to go with Dragoon as I tend to see Dragoons as working better by themselves, the perpetual loners (See Kain from FFIV, Freya from X, Cid from FFVII and Fang XIII) and so they tend to operate more efficiently by themselves and it's generally the overreaching plotline that convinces them to play with the other party members.

They are very goal oriented and they have a single-mindeness of purpose as well as preferring the company of themselves. So while you share traits of White Mage and Black Mage, I'm going to go with Dragoon.

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[personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler 2013-04-28 07:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh no worries! I don't see or feel myself as a white mage but I thought that I would be sorted into White Mage in all honesty however I was pleasantly surprised when I wasn't. I guess I was only thinking of my application (can you believe it took me for-fucking-ever(excuse my french) to write it. And I kept going "save draft save draft oh god please save draft" because imagine having to rewrite the dang thing?

And as for starting convos. It's alright, I don't think you are wierd at all.. and since we both applied at the same time, it almost makes us like siblings of sorts. I hope you get stamped in the most awesome community ever! ♥
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[personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler 2013-04-28 07:54 pm (UTC)(link)
It's not creepy at all. I love friends so I've added you back!

And I hope you get sorted soon as well!
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[personal profile] regann 2013-04-27 07:38 pm (UTC)(link)
I think Dragoon in all honesty. (Not just because I want more Dragoons, haha)

The team work answer (as in, you don't do it) as well as your personality traits made me lean toward Dragoons since we're an independent and often deeply suspicious bunch. Dragoons are also tend to the reserved/logical end of things even though (IMO) they tend to have deep-running passions like you obviously do for your creative outlets. Dragoon all the way, baby! ♥

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[personal profile] regann 2013-04-28 11:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, we're more of a loose confedderation. Plus you do each task independently, haha. <3
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Well, other people have posted now so I reckon I'm allowed! XD

OHAI~ <33

Anyway! I really do see a fair bit of White Mage and Dragoon in this application, but as the guys above me have said, I'm going to have to go with Dragoon (even though you also have some Black Mage in you too).

Dragoons seem to be the more introverted of our classes, by a fair margin (although there's obviously exceptions to every rule, but it still counts). I always see them as the type most likely to be a loner (definitely thinking of Kain Highwind here ahah), and loyalty seems to be a big trait of theirs too (Freya comes to mind for this one, and I think Cid Highwind to an extent as well).

I can see a lot of the paranoia you mention in Dragoon characters, although that may only come from the brooding persona they often exude - they seem the types to think on things deeply and perhaps overthink a little too.

I'd put your empathy more in the White Mage section really, but I think they really tend to be more on the feeling scale, whereas I think Dragoons would rate themselves as thinkers more than anything. Again, think of Kain stewing alone on a mountaintop aha ha ha.

Plus you've gotta be controlled as a Dragoon, otherwise how you gonna manage that Jump :D

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[personal profile] sai_salamander 2013-04-28 10:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Biased or not, still counts~ MWAHAHAHAHAA <333
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Aha! I finally get to meet Sai's girlfriend. Welcome to [community profile] finalfantasyland!

Yours is a little difficult - I can see a few classes working for you, but I do believe I'm leaning towards a Dragoon vote. I can definitely see your teamwork answer working for them - they tend to function alone, presumably for the same 'they're messy' reason. Your personality traits do strike me as initially a bit more White Mage, especially the positive ones, but it's not as if they don't work for Dragoons, who can be moved to spend a great deal of time and effort if they deem the cause worthy (whatever that cause may be) or sacrifice for the greater good, even if they don't show it superficially.

 photo dresdensigtag.png
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Ah, I see someone's been talking. I also owe her several minute paper cranes... once I get your address.

You're very welcome! I think many of us come in with absolutely no idea - or we come in with an idea, and get proven wrong. I took quite a while writing my own, too; it wound up rather lengthy, to say the least!
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[personal profile] glacialphoenix 2013-05-02 11:39 am (UTC)(link)

Yep. Paper cranes. Tiny ones. Ask her for the full story xD

Don't stress out... well OK I guess it is a tad late for that. But yes; you really shouldn't worry about your app unless you're going out of your way to be offensive.

May I add you?

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This was tough because I could picture you in a few of the classes...particularly Soldier, Black Mage, and Dragoon! But, the more I read the more I was leaning towards, I'm really glad others were having the same line of thought! I do see the Dragoons as being a really good mix of your strengths/weaknesses (particularly taking into account that we throw in the Samurai characters like Auron with them here for sorting purposes!). Ones like Fang, Kimahri, and Freya can be seen as empathetic and generous...and I'd say the class as a whole is creative (they tend to have their own way of doing things). Most of the Dragoons I listed along with Kain and Cid Highwind can also be somewhat paranoid, indecisive, and controlled as well!

I think there's a lot of Dragoon representation in your traits as well: some of them lean more towards the introverted side; ones like Fang can be in-between cheerful/gloomy; many of them tend to be reserved; a lot of Final Fantasy Dragoons lean slightly more towards calm (but can get excited about things they enjoy every once in awhile); Dragoons in FF can also be emotional, but they tend to rationalize things a lot like you mention doing; and some Dragoons (like Kimahri and Freya) can be slightly more on the forgiving side of the spectrum. Most of the FF Dragoons do have the tendency to not really work in teams (they will if they absolutely have to, but even their combat style lends more to solo work!)...and I think your answer to the consoling a friend situation fits for a lot of Dragoons as well. I also think when you mentioned "If I knew the answer to this question I'd probably have worked harder towards it" in the ideal career question that I could totally picture that as a Dragoon response. Seems like something I could picture a Dragoon like Fang saying!

~Welcome to the comm! ♥ It is always nice to meet another Gabranth fan...he's one of my favorite FF characters as well! XD

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I could see a few different job classes fitting for you at times, though I was torn the most between Soldier, Dragoon, and Black Mage. In the end though, I think I'm leaning the most towards a Dragoon vote. As far as positive traits go, several Dragoon characters throughout the FF series are depicted as being rather generous, empathetic, and creative in similar ways as you described (Cid Highwind in his later character development, Fang, Kain, Freya, and Kimahri all display these traits at times). They can be somewhat paranoid, indecisive, and controlled as far as weaknesses go at times too (particularly Cid Highwind, Kain, and Kimahri at certain key story moments).

"Considering the last couple years and how I've been nothing short of an hermit, I'd say that I'm definitely on the introverted side, albeit not so much that I don't enjoy human interaction every now and then." fits rather well for Dragoon characters to me (Kain, Fang, and Kimahri in particular)...and they can be in-between cheerful and gloomy at times too (Fang in particular). They're often more reserved in terms of their actions than others in the party are, and "Despite being highly emotional, being unable of actually letting my feelings out means that I rationalize a lot. I tend to over-think things to the point of absurdity and may still be thinking about a minor incident days after it's happened." fits rather well for several Dragoons in the series too when it comes to being logical and emotional. They're often depicted as more calmer characters in their respective casts, though they can feel energized and excited in certain moments too (Freya and Fang in particular fit for this quite a bit). They can at times be slightly more forgiving than others in their respective casts depending on the situation as well (Cid Highwind, Freya, and Kimahri all display this trait at times).

I could see several Dragoon characters sharing similar thoughts on teamwork to your own, and having a similar reaction to the Spider-man scenario too. "Well, if that happened then I'd do my best to comfort them and offer them appropriate advice. Nice, fun activities might be involved if they were in the mood for it. Having hurt feelings is never fun and I care for my friends a whole lot, in general. In the case that they were still unhappy after a couple days and came back to me, I would do exactly the same thing as the first time. Truth be told I don't really understand why there'd be a different. Feelings don't tend to magically vanish or heal within days, at least so is my personal experience." given how mature and reflective a lot of Dragoons tend to be, and how much they tend to care about those they consider friends and loved ones in the games...I think your sentiments on this scenario is very fitting for that job class too. :D

Welcome to the comm, and I hope you have fun here! I loved reading your FF responses (yay for more FFXII, FFIX, FFVIII, Gabranth, Basch, and Alexander from FFIX love! ♥). ♥

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[personal profile] breyzyyin 2013-05-04 01:45 am (UTC)(link)
You're welcome for the lengthy explanation...sometimes I worry I ramble too much, so I'm glad it was helpful in the end! ♥

I know...I feel so bad for FFXII and its characters because of that. I really loved the game (it's one of my favorites in the series), so I always hate seeing it being known that way. D: I'm always happy to find others who liked it too because of that! :)
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I'm in agreement with the other votes here and I am going to vote Dragoon, mostly because of your dislike of teamwork and because you class yourself as being reserved. Most dragoons are doing something by themselves before joining their FF team and are generally some of the quieter members.

I loved reading your FF answers! I am a huge fan of XII as well and Dirge just made me sad. Welcome! Hope you have fun here!

(white mage)
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[personal profile] kuro_pantsu 2013-05-01 01:32 pm (UTC)(link)
(My apologies for not voting on your app sooner!)

I see aspects of Soldier, Dragoon and Black Mage in this app but I find myself leaning most towards Dragoon. Your preference for independence and worst traits tend to fit most with a Dragoon as they tend to share these weaknesses most often. That being said FF Dragoons do also share your strengths such as Kimahri and Freya are empathetic and generous (Fang can also qualify to a certain extent as can Kain Highwind) and they can display creative attitudes towards their passions such as Cid's desire to go to space and love of aviation. Your loyalty in particular really reminds me of Fang and Kain "but being so loyal to someone/something that I don't see I'm being manipulated" as both of them were so devoted to someone in particular that it ended up being used against them.

Oh goodness Zanmato... best HOWEVER MANY GIL I HAD TO THROW YOJIMBO'S WAY EVER! (It bled me dry but it got me through so many dark aeon battles!)

(Also wow, you're a digital artist? Awesome! I'm trying to get into the illustration industry myself but I'm really terrible at the technical side of it so my work always looks notably amateur. ^^;; What sort of styles do you prefer to specialize in if you don't mind me asking?)

Welcome to ff_land! Hope you have a great time here! ♥

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[personal profile] kuro_pantsu 2013-05-02 12:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Urgh, so lucky - I've never got ol' Yo'Jimbo to give me any freebies even though my party gave him their life savings.

HOLY HELL THAT IS GORGEOUS. How long did it take? (I hear you on foreground over background - even though my drawings are derpy I tend to prefer characters/creatures over props and everything going on behind them. Okay when you're doing a very basic cartoon but when people want a detailed illustration not so much. I used to study hand drawn animation so I became way too used to the idea that someone was going to take care of the background for me so I've yet to make my peace with them.)
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[personal profile] mrlightningbolt 2013-05-04 11:11 am (UTC)(link)

I can't really remember, I did it like, a couple years (or year?) ago, probably like 2-3 hours. XD Do you have examples of your stuff (if it's not rude to ask).

Also, animation? Oh, I did like traditional (with plasticine dolls? and paperboard backgrounds) animation at Uni but didn't really get too far with it.

EDIT: OMFG SORRY didn't notice I was logged into a RP account. This is me, Cru. XD
Edited 2013-05-04 11:11 (UTC)
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[personal profile] kuro_pantsu 2013-05-04 02:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Hahahaha I'm only really a cartoonist. The Tidus face in the icon above was one of mine but he took too damn long because I really suck at cleaning up my pencil line arts so there was gunk everywhere in photoshop. (I'd like to be better at the fine illustration side but I still haven't got over my cartoony sense of style so scales end up weird and as I mentioned earlier URGH PROPS AND BACKGROUNDS NO. I'd love to be better at detail too but I've still got a long way to go with that.) Seriously 2-3 hours? So jealous...

I mostly draw very sketchy pencil crack usually of FF villains doing dumb things such as Miss Marilyn Monroth here but sometimes I do color crack like with these job class flans. Sometimes I try being serious such as with this Kuja + Zidane piece but it doesn't really pay off. (Comedy - hide my lack of artistic ability!)

Yeah, I primarily studied hand drawn but there was a tiny bit of stop-motion and adobe flash involved. (Though I barely remember how flash worked even then so I was much happier when it came to traditional hands on stuff. ^^;;) I was such a lazy animator though so my stuff rarely moved right as I'd only ever do key drawings but never enough inbetweens. I don't really do it anymore except when it came to making this really dumb Zidane GIF but that was just one drawing with some alterations than proper individual frames.

Hahaha, no worries. Mind if I add you on your regular account?
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Whew, this is a tough one, and I'm really rusty at these stamping things. And while my vote is utterly unhelpful and won't matter much because Dragoon votes are pretty much unanimous, my honest first thought was Black Mage. Dragoons, although they fit your dislike of teamwork, seem more grudge-holding and less empathetic than you are. Many black mages, though, are reserved, solitary and disliking of teamwork, but still empathetic, more forgiving, and often put others before themselves (thinking primarily of characters like Terra, Celes, Lulu...). The part about "being so loyal to someone/something that I don't see I'm being manipulated" reminded me a lot of Celes in that respect, too. Black mages strike me as more creative than dragoons? Perhaps because of the huge array of spells, knowing how to use them, and some of the unique weapons that have been used in Black Mage history (Lulu's dolls, for example).

Black mages seem to be among the more logical characters as well.

I am ashamed to say I've never played FFXII, but reading your FF answers makes me want to give it a shot.

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I get quite a Cloud Strife vibe from this application. Whether that made me biased, I don't know. But I'm going for a Soldier for now.

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Black Mage

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You were a tough one. I didn't get a strong feel for any particular class, and there were a bunch that I can see fitting you. I thought at first you were pretty White Mage (from your positives/negatives) and then was considering Thief, but after a while I think I settled on Dragoon.

The reasoning: (1) Your loyalty/supportiveness and your identification with Noah & Basch. They're Knight characters, which could be seen as existing somewhere between Soldier and Dragoon. But the trait of loyalty is one I associate strongly with Dragoon characters. (2) Your answer to #4 seems Dragoon-ish to me -- they tend to prefer working alone. (3) Your dichotomies fit Dragoon pretty well I think.

This was hard, though! I can see multiple classes in you.

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Stamped: Dragoon

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Congrats, you've been stamped as a Dragoon!

Alternative Stamps

There's a general FAQ here. You've been rewarded 300 gil as a welcome gift and you can check your gil here.

You should be receiving invites to the following communities:

[community profile] finalfantasyland -- main community for announcements
[community profile] airship_lounge -- social community
[community profile] ultima_arena -- contest community
[community profile] moogle_workshop -- fanwork community
[community profile] ff_minigames games + activities community

Hope you have fun and enjoy it here!
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Re: Stamped: Dragoon

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