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Sorting guide / List of sorting options

This post contains a list of possible stamps and some tips and information on how to making sorting decisions.

NOTE: If you haven't yet submitted an application, I would avoid reading this guide until you do. If you read the descriptions here first and then submit an application, they'll be fresh in your mind and may make you unconsciously biased toward one class or another. Instead, submit your application, then come back here when you want to sort other people. :)

When sorting, you should choose whatever class (Black Mage, Thief, Warrior, or White Mage) that you think best matches the applicant's personality. The personalities ascribed to each class is differenet from person to person, so just go with the way of sorting that fits YOUR understanding of the job classes.

For your reference, I've included some descriptions here of what types of personalities I associate with each class, other similar/related jobs, as well as several example characters for each class that you might compare the applicant to. These descriptions are just very rough generalizations and don't always apply to all of the example characters.

Black Mages:
Usually cool and calm in demeanor with a logical or scholarly bend, but a passionate/emotional core underneath. Outspoken and unafraid of confrontation. Often prefer to lend their advice and support rather than lead.
Subclasses: Blue Mage, Red Mage
Skills: Attack Magic
Use: Rods, Rapiers
Characters: Alba, Lulu, Palom, Quistis, Rinoa, Rydia, Shantotto, Strago, Terra, Vivi
Stamps: Default (BDFF) | Alternate (Vivi)

Thieves (Rogues):
Typically friendly, outgoing, energetic and charming. They're quick on their feet and adaptable in any situation. They might spend a little while on the sidelines observing others before fully joining in. Adventurous and open-minded.
Subclasses: Bard, Ninja, Sky Pirate
Skills: Charm, Flee, Steal, Throw
Use: Daggers, other small blades
Characters: Amarant, Balthier, Edge, Edward, Locke, Rikku, Vaan, Yuffie, Tidus, Zidane
Stamps: Default (BDFF) | Alternate (Rikku)

Tough and perhaps a bit reserved or aloof, but at the same time fiercely loyal. They may not be very forthcoming with their inner thoughts, but they rush in if it's a matter of protecting someone they're loyal to, or in fulfillment of their duty.
Subclasses: Dragoon, Knight, Samurai, Soldier
Skills: Battle Arts, Bushido
Use: Swords, Spears
Characters: Auron, Cloud, Cyan, Fang, Kain, Lightning, Marche, Paine, Ramza, Sol, Squall, Steiner
Stamps: Default (BDFF) | Alternate (Lightning)

White Mages:
Peaceful, calm, supportive, and warm-hearted. Generally optimistic and light-hearted, perhaps a bit shy or naive. They are usually the "heart" of the team that binds everyone together.
Subclasses: Dancer, Summoner
Skills: White Magic
Use: Staves, Rods, Bow
Characters: Aerith, Dusk, Eiko, Garnet, Hope, Lilisette, Matoya, Minwu, Penelo, Rosa, Yuna
Stamps: Default (BDFF) | Alternate (Aerith)

If you believe the applicant is dishonest/pushing/trolling, you should use the No Vote option. If you find the application too lacking in detail, use the Needs Elaboration option. These votes get points as long as it's clear you read the app. However, there may be cases where the mods feel it's necessary to close an app early (comments getting too hostile, for example). In this case, no points will be awarded at all to any voter since not everyone may have had the opportunity to vote.

Some things to remember when sorting:
Bold your vote.
• Put your team name in the subject of your vote, or use a tag banner (unless you haven't been stamped yet).
• Each application you sort gets you 5 points for your team or future team.
• Leaving reasoning behind your vote is not required but is nice!
• Don't abuse the no vote / needs elaboration options.
• Be forgiving of spelling/grammatical mistakes as some people are not writing in their first language.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on the descriptions or sorting rules.