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The Basics:

Name: I go by lots of things...Virginia, Virago, Voyevoda, Valfreyja, Vanadis... Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V. (couldn't resist! ^^)
Age: 21
Location: Missouri, USA
Occupation: University Junior, Creative Writing Major, Antiquities Minor
How did you find out about this community? (Specify usernames if you remember them.) Ad in chocobo_stamps (from my old journal of stellar_maiden, if anyone from there cares =P) The advertiser was roax, I believe.

Personality Questions:

1) List and expand upon your three best traits / strengths. (These should be personality-related, not physical.)

Intelligence: I don't want to come off as snooty or anything, but I do generally consider my intelligence my most redeeming virtue. I'm sure I'm probably not as smart as I think I am (lol), but I was definitely the go-to girl for academic stuff back in high school. Now that I'm in college, my focus has narrowed down to writing and the humanities (particularly mythology! <3)

Passion: I don't really do anything by halves - if I like something, I love it. If I dislike something, I hate it.

Compassion: I think I'm pretty empathetic. I love to listen to people, try to help them.

2) List and expand upon your three worst traits / weaknesses.

Stubbornness, anti-socialness, and general bitchiness : I can be seriously pig-headed about things. Especially when I think that I'm right. I also have a problem with apologizing to people even when I know I should. I don't like most people. I also have trouble talking to most people (except when you get me on a topic that I love - like Final Fantasy! <3). I'm really shy, and have some serious phone-phobia. I'm a lot better than I used to be, but I can be a snotty brat at times - usually when I'm tired or in a bad mood. I also have absolutely no patience with stupid people.

Laziness: I procrastinate. A lot. Am do so right now, in fact - should be reading a story for class, but decided to fill out this application instead.

Complete and utter lack of common sense: Things that most people write down as a no-brainer, I just...don't get. I'm also forgetful and spazzy.

3) Rate yourself on the following traits by putting an 'X' in the box you think fits best. (E.g. if you are slightly more introverted than extroverted, put an 'X' in the second box.) Explain your choice as well.

Introverted [x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Extroverted
Explain: I'm really shy and quiet around those I don't know. I prefer to hang out with a book, my husband, my cat, or a couple close friends most of the time. Around people that share my interests, however, I can talk for ages.

Cheerful [ ] [x] [ ] [ ] [ ] Gloomy
Explain: I'm typically pretty upbeat, but I can get into a pretty bad funk every now and again.

Leader [ ] [ ] [x] [ ] [ ] Supportive
Explain: This one's a little complicated. If there's a capable leader, then I am most happy and comfortable being the advisor-type. I like people to listen to me, but not have all the decisions on my shoulders. If there's not a person in charge who will listen to/work with me, then I prefer to just go it alone. Then I know I can get it done right.

Confident [ ] [ ] [ ] [x] [ ] Modest
Explain: I'm over-confident about my intelligence, but have very little self-esteem when it comes to anything else.

Reserved [ ] [ ] [ ] [x] [ ] Impulsive
Explain: Depends completely on my mood. I'm definitely a listen to your heart first kind of person, though. Sometimes I just don't act on what it tells me.

Energetic [ ] [ ] [x] [ ] [ ] Calm
Explain: Also depends on my mood, and my surroundings. I can be very hyper and bubbly at times, and very sedate and quiet at others.

Feminine [ ] [x] [ ] [ ] [ ] Masculine/Tomboyish
Explain: I would call myself feminine, but not girly. I like to dress up and look pretty, but I don't do it very often. I also get along well with males - to the point that I can easily be "one of the guys," but I can be fairly girly around other women.

4) Describe how you typically work in teams. Is it generally a good experience, or do you prefer working by yourself? Do you like to lead and make decisions or do you prefer to let others make decisions so that you can do the legwork? You may find it helpful to give an example of a team you worked on recently and how that went.
I think I covered this one pretty good up there ^ but I will add that I hate doing grunt work. Also, I have pretty high standards for a good leader, so I usually end up working alone.

5) What interests/hobbies do you have? How do you like to spend your free time?
I love to read fantasy novels, write stories, play video games, watch anime, wander around on Wikipedia for hours, learn about culture... I'm basically your all purpose geek girl, with strong fantasy and Japanese fangirl leanings.

6) Describe one to three careers you would find ideal, with a little explanation of why it appeals to you.
I love my current career of student more than I can possibly say - I'd go to college forever if I could. But in lieu of that being practical, my aspirations are to be an author and/or college professor.

FF Questions:

7) List one to three favorite Final Fantasy games and why you like them. Sequels/spin-offs/non-numbered/KH/Dissidia games are okay.
Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy Tactics. FFIX because it has a great storyline and awesome characters without being all emo and dark; FFVII mostly because of Zack, Aeris, the Turks, and the amazing pocket of fandom that I lurked in; and FFT because of the intense political storyline - I don't think they've ever gotten Ivalice right since then. Runners up are FFX and FFXIII.

8) List one to three of your favorite Final Fantasy characters and why: Oh crap, you want me to narrow it down to THREE!? Yeesh. Not possible. Umm...Oerba Yun Fang/Zack Fair (because they share lots of character traits), Balthier/Fran (because I am incapable of thinking of them seperately), and Aeris Gainsborough/Oerba Dia Vanille (because they are also very similar).

Fang and Zack - I have the most enormous soft spot for ultra-loyal snarky/funny badasses that you've ever seen. It's mostly the devotion to those they care about that gets me. I bawled like a baby at the end of Crisis Core. Zack's this innocent tough guy with a heart of gold that makes me want to hug him forever. Fang is everything I've ever wanted in a strong female character - and everything I've ever wanted to be. They're two characters I could genuinely see myself being friends with.

Balthier and Fran - Peanut butter and jelly, can't have one without the other. Balthier hits all my snark buttons, Fran is sex on bunny-legs. They're like this ultimate, untouchable epitome of cool. Plus their relationship is just ambiguous enough to keep me enthralled.

Aeris and Vanille - Though I will admit to preferring Aeris, both of these ladies are awesome. They are some of the strongest characters in Final Fantasy, I think, though in a rather nontraditional way. A perfect blend of spunky and sweet, passionate and compassionate, strong and vunerable. Though they know, better than anyone, the darkness that lies ahead, they are the beacons of light to the people they love.

9) One to three characters you relate to (you may reuse answers from #8 if applicable) and why: Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, Quistis Trepe, and Vivi.

Garnet - The FF girl I identify with the most, she's naive and book-smart, with a nice balance of sweet and saucy. She starts off very selfish and socially-awkward, but grows and matures into an elegant but passionate young woman. Plus, I looove Summoners. Epic damage dealing capacity wrapped up in a delicate little package? Yes please.

Quistis - I see a lot of my less admirable qualities in her. She's smart, but bossy, sometimes harsh, unforgiving of stupidity, self-conscious, and less mature than she thinks she is.

Vivi - I love Vivi to death. He's so sweet. And when I first played the game, his quest to find himself really resonated with little outcast, just-hitting-puberty V.

10) The FF game you liked playing least: Final Fantasy XII - the storyline was a disjointed mess, the characters were bland (except Balthier and Fran), and the combat was so...automated. Balthier and Fran got me through that game by sheer charisma. Oh, and Al-Cid. Everyone loves Al-Cid.

11) One to three FF characters you dislike and why: Vaan, Zell, Wakka. Vaan has no personality, Zell just gets on my nerves constantly, and Wakka reaaally bugs me in the first half of FFX, but gets somewhat better by the end.

12) Favorite weapon in a Final Fantasy game (either the name if you liked the name, or a picture if you liked the look of it, or a description if it had awesome stats/abilities): Onion Knight is so cute and awesome, even I never could use it, thanks to failing horribly at the stupid lightning-dodging minigame. All of Yuna's staves had a really lovely design to them, also.

13) Your favorite Final Fantasy summon (e.g. Ifrit, Carbuncle, Bahamut, etc.): The really awesome ones? ...No? lol, then...I've always been particularly fond of Leviathan. I like water. And dragons. Bahamut and Shiva are definitely way up there, too (esp. the FFX versions).

14) Your favorite spell/ability/technique that can be learned in a Final Fantasy game (e.g. Esuna, Steal, special finishes/overdrives such as Tifa's Final Heaven limit break, etc.): I love me some Great Gospel. It's the perfect "OHCRAPI'MGONNADIE" limit, lol. I also love Yuna's Grand Summon and Zidane's Dyne.

15) A Final Fantasy mini-game/sidequest you invested entirely too much time into: Toss up between Triple Triad and Chocobo Hot and Cold. Got every card ever, found every Chocograph much fun. Probably spent more time in each of those mini-games than on the main games themselves.

16) Your favorite Cid: Does Al-Cid count? =P Nah, Cid Highwind, definitely. He's hilarious.

17) Optional: Up to one class you think does not fit you, with reasoning why. Eh. More interested in what you guys think than limiting myself.

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[personal profile] chacusha 2011-01-26 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I wasn't sure at the beginning but about halfway through the app I started thinking Black Mage, and now I'm finding a lot to support that.

1) You remind me of me and I was sorted Black Mage. INFALLIBLE LOGIC.
2) Intelligence, liking school, wanting to be either an author or professor. I guess I associate black mages with the act of learning.
3) Your "relate to" characters together seem to sum up to Black Mage.

And oh! Another FFT fan! YESSS. I totally agree with this: I don't think they've ever gotten Ivalice right since then. I've been pretty disappointed with the other Ivalice games like FFTA and FF12. :/


[identity profile] 2011-01-26 11:16 pm (UTC)(link)
God, you're hard. I was having a hard time finding any vibe for you for a while, but I think I'm going to settle with Black Mage for you, with White Mage on the side. You seem to emphasize a lot on your intelligence, which is something I associate with that job class, and I can see your love of reading (/ other geeky things) translate into a passion for learning spells and so forth. I see them as both intelligent and passionate, and your stubbornness suggests a headstrong quality that I associate with them. They're more introverted and feminine imo, and I can see them sharing your stance on the leader/supporter question, too. Identifications all remind me of Black Mages, and I can even see them in your desire to go to college forever!
glacialphoenix: (Default)

Black Mage

[personal profile] glacialphoenix 2011-01-27 02:05 am (UTC)(link)
I totally see a fellow Black Mage. Intelligent, shy and quiet instantly made me think of Vivi, and the fact that you're less willing to apologize to people kind of makes me think of some of the more impulsive Black Mages, like Palom. The White Mages as a whole seem a more respectful lot.

[identity profile] 2011-01-27 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
I was definitely debating between the Mage classes for you (with some Monk and Soldier on the side!), but I think I'm leaning the most towards Black Mage as well. That sounds horribly unoriginal by this point, but I think your Strengths (passion, intelligence, compassion) fit remarkably well for the characters that would fall into the Black Mage class...and combined with your weaknesses I could picture you being a lot like Black Mage characters such as Maria from FF2, Lulu, Palom, or Rydia. Many Black Mage characters tend to be introverted, cheerful for the most part, happy being advisors, confident when it comes to their intelligence (but maybe not so confident in other matters), tend to listen to their hearts more, can be either energetic or calm, and many are feminine too (without being girly). For some reason, I could picture a Black Mage loving the idea of having a career as a student too! :)



[identity profile] 2011-01-27 03:54 am (UTC)(link)
I could see some Monk, Soldier, and Dragoon at times in your application...but I think I'm leaning the most towards Black Mage as well. Many of your strengths and weaknesses fit with characters I tend to associate with this job class: intelligence can be associated with characters like Lulu, Palom, and Arc (who can be made into a Black Mage and is seen as one in the FMV); stubbornness with characters such as Rinoa, Palom, and Rydia; compassion with characters such as Terra, Arc, Hope, and Vivi; and passion with characters such as Rinoa, Rydia, and Palom (along with several of the other Black Mage characters I listed when it comes to things they feel very strongly about). Quite a few of them fall more onto the reserved side of the spectrum, are both a mixture of leader and support character in the party, tend to lean more towards modest about things aside from what they KNOW they are more familiar with, can be impulsive at times (though it might depend on the character themselves and the situation at hand), and tend to have a balance in their energy levels that can change depending on a situation.

Randomly: I loved reading your later FF answers! And I had to smile at your comment on liking to wander through Wikipedia for hours...I can do that quite easily sometimes too! :)


[identity profile] 2011-01-27 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
Hmmm, I'm pretty torn between Soldier and Black Mage. But I think I lean a tad more towards Black Mage. You have a lot of emphasis on intelligence, are stubborn, impulsive, a mixture of reserved and calm, but also introverted. I think Black Mages tend to have most of these qualities, and your hobbies/interests and career choices are things I could see a Black Mage going for as well.

[identity profile] 2011-01-27 07:33 am (UTC)(link)
I am so torn here. I keep thinking about Soldier for you but I cannot really unsee Black Mage and even see some Monk here and there. In the end I think am going to be unoriginal and go with Black Mage. While I still see a lot of soldier class for you, the rest of the explanations really convinced me that overall you're a bit more like BM. You're someone who liked to listen to people and help them which is something i associate with them more than with most of the soldiers in FF. You're intelligent, passionate, stubborn. You also mentioned you don't like people and most Black Mages aren't really social types as well. You're introverted, feminine more than tomboy-ish. While reading through your FF section, i got the feeling that you have strong opinions and it's something i associate with a lot of FF characters from that job class. I saw soldiers also because i think they're more impulsive and somewhat more energetic without being too much but.. Yes, overall I see more Black Mage too.


[identity profile] 2011-01-27 09:22 am (UTC)(link)
This was difficult but in the end I think Black Mage is a good fit for you. Many of your strengths and weaknesses remind me of many Black mage characters. I think Black mages like to learn new things and study so I can picture many of them with hobbies ( read fantasy novels, write stories, wander around on Wikipedia for hours, learn about culture)and ideal careers ( student/author and/or college professor ) similar to yours.

sorry for the deleted comment <.< Lj hates me today

Black Mage

[identity profile] 2011-01-27 02:50 pm (UTC)(link)
I was debating between classes at first, but in the end I'm also seeing a fellow Black Mage. The whole love of being a student is something I'd associate with that type, as mages are often portrayed as more curious and studious. Black Mages are more stubborn than their white counterparts, can be leaders but tend to be support/advisers... They're not as impulsive, but I think almost everything else fits well.


[identity profile] 2011-01-27 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Black Mage is really a nice fit for you. And it's not only because you mentioned you're intelligent, but also because I think that mostly every answers to the "Rate yourself on the following traits by putting an 'X' in the box you think fits best" section really fits this class perfectly. I think that Black mages are mostly introverted, they can be capable leader, anti social and a bit shy (for example Vivi from IX and Arc from III). Somehow I can see a bit of Solider as well in some of your answers.

[identity profile] 2011-01-27 08:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Oou, I couldn't choose between a white mage or black mage, but since the vote would be fruitless at this point, I'll vote you Black Mage, especially since your charisma is pretty refreshing and I know a friendly black mage or two. Your braininess (sorry for the word, seems a bit callous) reflects upon the black mage, who I imagine always pores over tome after tome, his endless desire for knowledge unquenched. Not to mention to whom you relate, I can easily feel comfortable seeing you as a magickal member.


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Congrats, You were sorted as Black Mage!
Alternative stamp (

Your team community is [ profile] firaga_casters. Your invites to the various activity communities and your team community will be sent shortly by [ profile] chacusha. You can request a stamp with a different character here ( Have fun!
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[personal profile] chacusha 2011-01-27 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
I have now sent you invites to the following communities:

[ profile] firaga_casters -- Black Mage home base
[ profile] airship_lounge -- social/general discussion community
[ profile] ultima_arena -- contest & challenge community
[ profile] moogle_workshop -- fanwork-sharing community
[ profile] ff_minigames -- random games & activities community

You can check your invites here. There are activities up already at [ profile] ultima_arena and [ profile] ff_minigames that you can participate in. If you're interested in taking on a mod position, check out this post. Have fun! :)